Charitable Foundation

The Al Fayed Charitable Foundation has been supporting children’s charities for almost 25 years. 

Camilla Al Fayed, daughter of Mohamed Al Fayed, has been a Trustee of the foundation for almost 10 years, and is dedicated to continuing the exceptional work of the ACF whilst bringing fresh and new ideas on board. The charity supports a number of children’s hospices via regular donations. The charity also supplies necessary specialist medical equipment for children’s hospitals. The main aim is to improve the lives of both impoverished and traumatised young people.   

As an ambassador of the foundation, Camilla has been actively involved and devoted to many worthwhile causes including -  Zoe's Place Baby Hospice in Liverpool, Bikes 2 Gambia Project, Francis House Childrens Hospice and The New School at West Heath.

Fashion Business

Camilla has been involved in the fashion and retail business since her appointment on the board at Harrods. She has developed an understanding of the Industry and has directed and been involved in the fashion world. Camilla her self is very fashion orientated and has been fond of Industry attending many shows. Her sister Jasmine has owned a fashion label in the past which was relatively successful.

Acquisition of Issa

In  2011 Camilla had Invested in a struggling fashion Label Issa. She had a controlling 51% stake making her the chairwomen of the  fashion label. Issa had been a favourite of Kate Middleton and surge in business was not matched with the current infrastructure in place.  

The label had quite a lot of interest as it was becoming evermore popular and was looking for an investor. Daniella Issa Helayel the designer and owner had a long standing friendship with Camilla and has been regularly seen on the front row of Issa shows during London Fashion Week. Camilla's enthuaism  and vision was convincing and Daniella then sold Issa label to Camilla.


Being health conscious Camilla had moved on to her new venture and established  a Vegan restaurant in Notting Hill London. In 2016 Farmacy opened its doors to niche market serving delicious plant based food.

She has championed eating well and created awareness in the foods we eat everyday. The whole concept was quite original and unique and has been a massive success. Celebrities like Madonna and  Stella McCartney are just a few who are fond of the restaurant. Farmacy had done exceeding well and in 2019 the business had opened its new restaurant in Soho, New York.

Camilla's ideology was creative and using plant based ingredients was part of the concept.


Following the success of the restaurant, Camilla launched ' Farmacy Kitchen Cookbook', a cookbook packed with plant-based recipes for a conscious way of life.